Michael Fassbender illustration for the DN.

There’s something off about him… the nose? the forehead? the lips? I can’t tell.



The Nebraska Capitol illustration for the DN.


The Hammar catches some shade.



A study in movement.


Started another book today. This one is for Intro to New Genres to help us think about time progression and story boarding in preparation for our video project. I’ll be using images cut out from a 1984 issue of Marvel’s Ka-Zar as well as drawn and stamped images to fill it.




Already made a book on the first day of Book Arts. A lil (roughly 4″ x 4″) book made from a few of my lithography proofs from last semester. Linen paper cover attached with a tacket binding. I tried to pair the prints in ways that made a remix of my original images. There are also pages that have notes, registration marks and parts of edition information on them, which I totally dig. Not bad for a first day of class assignment!


First illustration of the year for the DN. Exciting stuff, I know.

I’m not sure why, but I actually really like drawing buildings. Something about trying to recreate geometric architecture in my unsteady hand appeals to me.